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FFC (Flat Flexible Cable)

flexible flat cables
Application - Flexible flat cable for laptop
  • Application - Flexible flat cable for laptop

ffc cables, flat flexible cable,flex flat cable You can custom your own ffc cables by clicking here.5 days leading time.

Details Parameters

Darlox Electronic's FFC cables laminated with high-quality insulation foils. Compared with conventional cables this guarantee significant competitive advantages as . Darlox Electronic combine minimum wall thickness with the precisely defined constant electrical values. 

Advantages of flat flex cable:

  • Flexibility through flat copper conductors
  • Highly vibration resistant
  • Reliable and fracture-safe connection even under high stress
  • High quantity of conductor tracks with small dimensions by less cable strength and small pitches
  • Minimum space required
  • Lightweight construction
  • Versatility in assembly
  • High thermal resistance
  • High chemical resistance (meets automotive requirements)
  • Suitable for signal and power supply current
  • Wiring errors are avoided
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Highest flexural fatigue resistance, even when a large number of movements
  • Suitable for safety applications (e. g. air bags)
  • Flexible packaging with LIF- or ZIF-connectors (Low Insertion Force/Zero Insertion Force)
  • Easy and flexible assembly, thereby saving of time and cost by the manufacture

Darlox Electronic's ffc cables series:

FFC Cables for idc connector, FFC Cables for zif connector, FFC Extension Cables, Customized by Customers, Samples order are acceptable, Sample costs can be full refunded when place bulk Order.

The advantages of Flexible flat cables:

Tinny, thinner, flexible that can be freely bended and folded that can reduce your deviceds' size and the design costs.

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