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FFC (Flat Flexible Cable)

flexible flat cables
Wire Harness Manufacturer
  • Wire Harness Manufacturer

wiring harness,wire harness manufacturers,wiring harnesses,wire harnesses ,automotive wiring harness,engine wiring harness,car stereo wiring harness You can custom your own ffc cables by clicking here.5 days leading time.

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Darlox as a wire harness manufacturer we are ideally suited to work with companies throughout the customers to design or manufacture custom wire harness products requiring 2-26 gauge wire, single or multi-conductor, standard or hi-temp, for most any application. Our services include engineering design support, prototyping, wire and cable marking, strip and crimp, splicing, and other wire harness manufacturing services. We offer some of the fastest delivery times in the industry and maintain highly competitive pricing.

Darlox Electronic's ffc cables series:

FFC Cables for idc connector, FFC Cables for zif connector, FFC Extension Cables, Customized by Customers, Samples order are acceptable, Sample costs can be full refunded when place bulk Order.

The advantages of Flexible flat cables:

Tinny, thinner, flexible that can be freely bended and folded that can reduce your deviceds' size and the design costs.

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