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flex flat cables
    Cabo Flat / Flat Cable/FFC Cable, professtional Cabo Flat / Flat Cable/FFC Cable Supplier, manufacturer of Cabo Flat / Flat Cable/FFC Cable

    Cabo Flat / Flat Cable/FFC Cable are widely used one-to-one hookup jumpers found on LCDs, mother boards, touch screens, cameras and other various devices. Darlex have over 100,000 individual Cabo Flat / Flat Cable/FFC Cable in stock at any time. Darlox is able to support rapid prototypes often within a few days with our powerful ability to the Cabo Flat / Flat Cable/FFC Cable. Shielding options are avaialable. Contact us now to see what we can do for you and your project. Feel free to browse our Cabo Flat / Flat Cable/FFC Cable items listed below. These are some of our more popular designs that we try to always have in stock.

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    Flexible flat cable
    Darlox Electric is the growth leader in motion related products including Flex flat cables, Flex printed circuit, Cable assemblies
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