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High Speed Plotter FFC Cables of High Quality

In order obtain a bright, smooth and rapid approach to develop their products in Chinese market, Japan Roland Corporation Keep investigating and surveying the Chinese marketing situtation. Then Roland has a good combination with the marketing researching findings and Roland's patented technologies, work hard together with the whole 
R & D team, and eventually bring this Roland FH-740 Novajet Plotter to Chinese market.
This Novajet Plotter, with Roland's traditonal technologies, configures circuit system, ink road system, anti-static system, drive system, paper feeding system, seven variable drops technologies, smart pass control technology etc.
In addition, in the outline, the plotter applies aerometal; for cables, the plotter uses some flexible flat cables of fine quality, this plotter FFC connects print head the mainboard  well, and shrink the related part. In this way, the performance of the plotter will be promoted and the printing will be highly influenced. There's naturally a large range of part numbers for plotter cables of different sizes and models.
FH-740 Huge (1.87M) High Speed Novajet Plotter will receive good welcome and sell well to the top market.
FH-740 has two latest golden surface spray-heads; Smart pass control technology cuts off the pass lines. FH-740 integrates 6-color CMYKLcLm variable drop spray ink printing technologies; FH-740 will function well all details from the design.
This is obviously a successful presentation for Japan Roland. The Novajet Plotter has been fully prepared before entering the Chinese market. Roland guarantees the win by their adavanced technologies. And the brand new Roland Novajet Plotter is going to awake the whole printing equipment market there.
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