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FPC Cables’ Application in Samsung Products

Samsung officially launched their Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tba Pro series products, including 12.2 inch, 10.1 inch and 8.4 inch , in toal , 6 models of new products. They all have a 2560×1600 pixel 2K resolution. Among them, the 12.2 inch tablet Galaxy Note Pro receives the most attention. Samsung hope that users can experience the Android office software by using bigger screen.

In appearance, Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 looks like a larger Note 10.1 2014, but is still thin, only 8 mm, and weigh 0.75 KG. The back of the tablet is covered by man-made leather, good-touching and anti-skidding.

Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 has 8 mil pixel main camera, a LED light, and suport 4K video filming. Configured with a 2 mil pixel sub camera, a infrared ray fucntion, this tablet already meets users’ demand.

This new FPC adopted in NotePRO was designed to be lighter, thinner and its performance turns greater, so does its stability and durability. FPC assists the tablet runs normally and maintains the basic functions.

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